Tsubaki and Associates

At Tsubaki & Associates, we are aiming toward homebuilding that is friendly to both the Earth and the human environment. For example, Japanese-style houses enable cohabitation with the seasonal changes, as well as safe and pleasant home-living surrounded by natural materials.

T&A’s view on housing design

“Balance” and “coziness” are two concepts that we have in mind when designing houses. Balance refers to structural balance, cost balance, aesthetic balance, as well as balance between the three elements of client’s order, the design, and the construction, and any one of them becomes unbalanced, coziness is no more. No matter how much the architect is pleased, a house is useless if the resident (or the client) is not pleased. Only do buildings created by a harmonious cooperation between the three parties – client, the architect, and the builder – last forever as cozy and restful dwelling space. Houses are not mere visual objects for admiration, nor are they disposable industrial products. They coexist with nature and serve as everyday dwelling space for human beings. Using townscapes, environment, nature, material, time, cohabitation, conversation as catalysts, it is our hope that we pursue “balance” and “coziness” in creating satisfactory architectures.