Brick-layering method
Exterior-wall brick-layering method is known for its safety, durability, and aseismic capacity (earthquake resistance). It is also known for heat and sound insulation capacities, and is loved worldwide, especially popular in Europe and North America. With semipermanent durability, brick layering can be applied to wooden, steel frame, and reinforced concrete (RC) houses. Such houses often acquire very stately flavor, and as time goes by, the bricks, which are natural materials, gain even more flavor.
For brick-layering, we use the method and materials developed by Norma Life Inc., a company headquartered in Hokkaido. For more information regarding bricks and brick-layering method, please refer to their HP.

-Features of the brick-layering method-

*Earthquake resistance and permanence – highly durable materials allow for very long-term residency
*One of the very few exterior-wall materials with extremely low lifecycle cost and almost no maintenance cost
*Strong heat insulation that helps prevent global warming by reducing energy used by ACs and heaters
*Powerful sound insulation that brings pleasant quietness
*Many varieties (in terms of color, material, ways of layering and combinations, etc.) allowing for unique flavoring of buildings
*A lot of usages other than just exterior walls


Waterproof sheets are affixed onto the structural body, and the exterior-wall bricks are then chained to the structural body using spring-type devices (explained at the bottom of this page).

Steel frames nest throughout the exterior-wall bricks.

Bricks are layered one by one by skilled artisans.

Various flavors can be attained through the selection of material, color, and their combinations.  Flavors become even more stately as time works on the materials.

Besides exterior walls, brick-layering can be used for many other purposes, such as fences, interior decorations, etc.

-Aseismic capacity (earthquake resistance)-

Spring-type devices called “exterior-wall brick quakeproof chaining dampers” have aseismic (elastic) capacities for both contraction and extension.  By using them to chain exterior-wall bricks to wooden building structures, even wooden building can technically attain necessary safety and earthquake resistance to apply the extrerior-wall brick-layering method.
(Pictures and quotations are partially taken from Norma Life Inc.'s HP)