Outer-insulation method
Since 7 years ago, T&A has adopted outer-insulation method as a standard.  Outer-insulation augments heat insulation and thereby resists global warming via reduction in CO2 emission through energy conservation.  By providing heat insulation and airtightness, houses stay cool during summer and warm during winter.  Although insulation is something not visible to the eyes, our clients are greatly happy for the pleasantness they have gained.

Affix (non-fluorine) insulators without leaving any empty space

Use furring strips to secure airspace

Affix waterproof sheets and lath wire nets

Completion with touches of mortar and lysine

For further details on the outer-insulation method…
T&A uses Achilles for insulators.  Please check out their HP for further details on the outer-insulation method.
Achilles Coporation HP

-Features of the outer-insulation method-

*Suitable temperature throughout the house (since the method surrounds the building’s body from the outside, heat insulation and airtightness are reliably attained)
*Less energy for all-house heating, suppressing health problems from cold shocks
*Prevention against dew condensation, molds, and mites
*Fully-controlled ventilation achieved by high airtightness and adoption of ventilation system – effective against sick building syndrome

*Energy conservation through heat insulation and airtightness
*Environmental conservation through longer lifetime of buildings (longer duration of wood as a result of less dew condensation and allowance for building structures to be under room conditions)
*Usage of non-fluorine insulators that do not lead to the destruction of the ozone layer and cause global warming

-Basic structure-